Saturday, February 5, 2011

Visitor and Tag update

We have a visitor. This is Miner, and I think he is quite the handsome devil. He is visiting me to get some socialization, and where I am around campus, the farm, training, college students, dogs, sheep, etc all the time, I offered to take him for a few weeks to work with. Miner really seems to be enjoying his time here and is starting to open up. He gets to go on runs with the gang and is starting to really dig in with my girls. He goes to classes with me, to both farms, and even got to help me work on the wool lab this week.
On one this week's walks.
Miner supervising the wool lab organization amidst the wool

He is here at the perfect time, as this is such a busy time for me around the university. This week was sheep shearing, so I spent three FULL days at the school farm working sheep, packing wool, trimming sheep feet, and teaching kids about wool and shearing. For the most part, it was fairly enjoyable, although I had one REALLY bad day... let's leave it at, it was a bump in the road and I am extremely thankful for my dogs and good friends to help me through the rough times.

Tag's News

Today Tag had an AWESOME agility training session! We did a couple dog walks, all of which were really nice. We stuck to almost straight approaches and exits, just trying to get the confidence back and boy am I happy! Also played around with some course work... wish I had video because I am really pleased! I am having tons of fun with my girl, and am so excited about what we are doing together.
Herding wise, she is also doing quite well. I wish we had some sheep to work on a daily basis, but working once or twice a week, I sure am pleased on the herding front as well. Again, I have got to get some pictures and video.
We are still dealing with some lack of confidence and softness, both in agility and herding, but I think it is at least getting better. I tend to think maybe Tag is coming in heat, and thus acting odd. I don't know, but am sure glad to see it diminishing.
Oh yeah, Tag is now weaving 6 poles and hitting some pretty hard entries. I'm very proud.

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